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We’re Not Just Heat & Air

YOUR Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing offers a wide variety of products and services for residential or commercial sites. Services include Geo-thermal water furnaces, air filtration systems, HVAC maintenance, heating systems, cooling systems, plumbing, whole home humidifiers and air purifiers, and more.  We are also a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, giving you a written 100% satisfaction guarantee on your heating and cooling product. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you, the original purchaser, are not satisfied with your installation, the original installer will repair the problem to your satisfaction or remove the installed components and refund the original purchase price. This guarantee will remain in effect for one year after the original installation date. Satisfaction GuaranteedOther dealers may promise “better” or “longer” warranties…with a lot of hidden stipulations and legal jargon that don’t actually cover any issues. Our 100% Satisfaction agreement guarantees that for one full year, if you are not 100% satisfied, your local Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer will fix the problem or remove the installation and refund the full purchase price. Period. Additionally, the craftsmanship of any new system we install is guaranteed to be free of defects...for life. It comes standard with every new install we do. Now that’s total comfort.


Saving Money for Customers,


Homeowners want to save money, which often also means saving energy when they purchase HVAC equipment. This leads consumers toward high-efficiency equipment. And, as time is money, as the saying goes, contractors want equipment that will not only satisfy their customers’ comfort needs, but will be easy to install and service, too, which ultimately saves technicians’ time, and the company money, on each job. Two products — the 7 Series, Model 700A11 by WaterFurnace Intl. Inc.,
HEATING SYSTEMS                                                                                  WATER FURNACES PLUMBING AIR-CONDITIONING AIR FILTRATION EMERGENCY REPAIRS
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