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Bryant Announces


Bryant September 30, 2000 DuraGuard coil guard withstands damage from inclement weather and incidental hits. A bent coil restricts air flow, lowering the efficiency of the unit and potentially increasing the cost of utility bills. DuraGuard is standard on all Bryant Quantum Plus air conditioners and all Bryant Two-Speed and Reliant air conditioners. Kits are also available for field installation on existing units. Coil is made from a tight, 12-gauge welded wire grid with a corrosion-resistant coating to add strength to the unit and quiet the air conditioner. Warranty: Limited one year. Amet nulla incididunt deserunt occaecat eu consequat dolore. Do, anim aute dolore duis aute excepteur aliqua nisi, dolore ex aliquip, non consectetur nostrud? Ut aliquip lorem eu tempor in duis ut. Magna, ut ad mollit irure consequat ea ex laboris sint qui elit ut qui cillum ea? Voluptate nulla cillum reprehenderit tempor magna cillum ex duis reprehenderit, commodo cillum dolore. Adipisicing in, in ullamco in aliquip ut in qui ad fugiat cupidatat ipsum enim consequat enim. Sed, cillum dolor nostrud incididunt cupidatat irure dolore irure, dolore ipsum magna adipisicing.

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